Virtual Consulting–The Process

Your home is your sanctuary. Each improvement project, whether full-scale home design or small DIY project, benefits from professional consultation. Adam Gibson Design brings decades of expertise to our clients and we take pride in providing the highest quality service. We help our clients assess the scope and needs of their project to ensure a successfully-executed plan.

After our initial chat, text, or email, we’ll have a virtual meeting where you show us your space. Every project should start off right and while you are doing the heavy lifting, we provide a clear path for a successful outcome.

1) Guide Us On A Tour

After our initial phone, text, or email, we have a virtual meeting where you show us your spaces. We can use whatever platform you’re most comfortable with: FaceTime; Zoom; Microsoft Teams; Google Hangouts; Skype; or GoToMeeting. (This doesn’t apply to new builds.)

2) Scope Is Established

Once we’ve gotten the gist of your needs, we’ll establish the scope. Depending on its size, there are a couple of ways it could go:

3) Small Projects

Your project may be small enough that a simple conversation will suffice, where during the virtual meeting we bounce ideas and suggestions around. Other than our summary which you’ll receive within 24 hours, that would be the end of it.

4) Larger Projects

Your project is large enough to require drawings, selections, or detailed notes. In this case, usually within 24 hours, you’ll receive a written, high-level project summary, including deliverables. Once established, you will receive a consulting contract outlining what we will provide in detail.