Full Service–The Process

Your home is your sanctuary. Each improvement project, whether full-scale home design or small DIY project, benefits from professional consultation. Adam Gibson Design brings decades of expertise to our clients and we take pride in providing the highest quality service. We help our clients assess the scope and needs of their project to ensure a successfully-executed plan.

1) Guide Us On A Tour

After our initial phone, text, or email, we have a virtual meeting where you show us your spaces. We can use whatever platform you’re most comfortable with: FaceTime; Zoom; Microsoft Teams; Google Hangouts; Skype; or GoToMeeting. (This doesn’t apply to new builds)

2) In-Person Visit

Once we’ve virtually seen your space (if remodeling — not for a new build), we’ll visit in person. This is when we have a face-to-face with you and your partner, if you have one, and review the possibilities. It’s a fact-finding meeting.

3) Scope Is Established

Usually within a day, you’ll receive a written, high-level project summary, including deliverables. After your review, we’ll schedule a virtual or in-person meeting or phone call to discuss details and establish a design budget and schedule.

4) Inspiration

Show us the styles that inspire you! Finding images from magazines, HouzzPinterest, or wherever you find your inspiration, we ask that you share these with us. Since you’ll see everything in 3D, we want to ensure we begin with a style you love.

5) Agreement

You receive a formal design contract outlining everything in detail.

6) Measuring

This may be the only time you see us in person, if you choose to be present. We measure the entire building, or spaces, creating an as-built plan onsite.

7) Selections

Depending on the scope, we provide suggestions for everything from fixtures, tile, colors, cabinets and countertops, appliances, and everything we can to ensure the decision making is as easy as possible. Some clients prefer to handle this themselves. If you need our assistance, we are here to help.

8) The Fun Begins

After the plan is established, we walk you through your project in 3D. As part of our collaborative process, revisions to your design can be made in real-time so you can view how your dreams can become reality. This session can also be done remotely.

9) Construction Documents

Once the definitive scope is established, we complete the process with full-service documents that typically include floor plans such as mechanical, demolition, foundation, construction, cabinetry, electrical, lighting, roofing, etc. And elevations, cross-sections, details, and notes.

10) Construction

Although we no longer perform the actual construction (a recovering general contractor wrote this), we have a stable of wonderful companies with whom we regularly work. We attempt to match you with a contractor based on personality, budget, level of detail, and scope. We stay involved throughout the construction process and are always available for conversations with you, the contractor, or any of their partners. It’s truly a joint effort and we love seeing it through to the end.