The Stand Up Desk: Helping You Connect and De-Clutter in the Kitchen

Remember those kitchen desks from the 1980’s? If you have one of those relics it’s undoubtedly a collector for the stuff you don’t know where to put. Surely the chair is long gone since your family tired of its blocking traffic. Enter the stand desk. No chair to bang your knees on, it offers at least one charging/docking drawer, and because it’s taller than the rest of the counters it offers a place to stand (or lean) while checking your email and looking up a recipe. Inside the stand desk are multiple outlets and USB charging blocks to keep clutter off the counter. And if it happens to be an island, pop-up outlets are all the rage; they recess into the top when not in use.

The stand desk in the background is six inches taller than the adjacent cabinets and is a most-used spot. The take-away (aside from unnecessary clutter): always be mindful that the changes in how you interact with technology will influence how you use a space. _AW82376_HDR



View of the stand desk and TV area. All counter tops have waterfall edges. The island top is 4" thick. Island cabinets have a high-gloss automotive finish.

This stand desk is just inside the garage door for easy access to chargers and key drop.


pop up outlet

Pop-up outlet