Muted Shower Tower Bath

Seems like the ‘80s weren’t all that long ago. Reminiscing about music from the period harkens me back to all kinds of good feelings. The era’s kitchen and bath design, however, causes me to repress a bit of vomit. The lack of creativity, coupled with a love of beige and cheap brass, still makes my skin crawl. Some builder must have purchased entire container ships of that tile.  Enter this bath. The homeowners did their best to add color, but nothing could hide the elements so popular in the day.

In attempting to provide something outside the norm (the shower tower), yet warm and inviting, (curved half-wall behind the curved freestanding tub; compressed ceilings above smaller items), and safe (large, curbless shower with door wide enough for future wheelchair), I endeavored to create a bath that would stand time’s test. It didn’t hurt that the clients, second-timers (see Modern Walnut Kitchen and Great Room) and a delight to work with, had strong opinions. The photos will be retaken soon (we didn’t stage the shoot), but they give an idea of the space.