Modern With A Twist

The clients desired a modern, open-concept space to enjoy with their young family. The old kitchen was cramped and very dark. Since I love an infusion of natural light, in addition to removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room, it was a no-brainer to install a couple of Solatube tubular skylights, which magnify light more than conventional skylights. But we didn’t want to discard some of the home’s unique charms. The gorgeous art-deco glass tile backsplash was salvaged, and the curves where walls meet ceilings were delicately preserved. One of the clients, a gifted carpenter, milled the old-growth studs from the demolished wall and applied them as treatment to the back side of the island. The use of soapstone on the sink wall adds a touch of charm. Use of an inset induction cooktop, rather than one that sits atop the counter, makes cleanup a whiz and allows items to slide on and off with ease.