Blue/Green Kitchen and Powder Room


This delightful family lived with their traditional kitchen for several years before bringing me in to expand and modernize. The 1920’s Tudor had the typical compartmentalized rooms surrounding the kitchen. A previous owner had expanded it into the breakfast room, but hadn’t removed any walls. However, they placed a large addition in the rear which enabled us to remove the cramped ½ bath and practically inaccessible pantry for relocation.

By removing those walls, we were able to expand into a naturally-flowing U-shaped kitchen with a seating peninsula, adding a second prep sink for another cook. Removing the gas range, we added double ovens, an induction cooktop, and 30-inch-deep pantry cabinets, thus giving the full-depth refrigerator the appearance of a built-in. L-shaped, floating corner shelves with incorporated LED lights contribute to the openness. While we liked the idea of removing the wall to the existing dining room, the need to keep the family cat out of certain areas led us to remove only half, and installing a gorgeous barn door.

What would normally be considered an appliance garage is actually a recessed space into where we eventually put a new ½ bath, which provides an interesting defined shelf space within the bath.