Inside Indiana Business: Baby Boomers Are Impacting the Building Industry

Adam Gibson contributed an article to Inside Indiana Business on how Baby Boomers are changing the building industry:

There are currently 78 million baby boomers in the U.S., making up 25% of the population and controlling 67% ($28 trillion) of the country’s wealth, according to the Living In Place Institute. AARP says 90% of people surveyed want to remain as long as possible in their homes. The majority of those 65 and older remodel their home to make it safer and accessible. In fact, 45% of all remodeling work is being done for people over the age of 65. With this amount of data supporting boomers, it’s not a surprise this population is driving a great deal of the housing industry.

At this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), lighting took center stage. Things that we never thought could be lighted, now can be. Thisincludes the interiors of cabinets and drawers, integrated mirror lighting to light one’s face, inside medicine cabinets, everywhere around stairs, backlit countertops and backsplashes, glass countertops and shelves, cabinet toe kicks, undersides of countertops, and flexible lighting to wrap around curves.

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